A better experience for every website visitor

Give all your website visitors a better experience – and reduce barriers between your content and all your audiences.

This innovative support software adds speech, reading, and translation to websites facilitating access and participation for people with... 

  • Dyslexia
  • Low Literacy
  • English/French as a Second Language
  • Mild visual impairments

All features are accessed from an easy-to-use toolbar launched from your website.

Unique benefits for your web visitors

  • Online content can be read aloud in multiple languages using the most natural and engaging voice to transform the user’s reading experience.
  • Text-to-speech - highlights each word as it is read aloud which improves comprehension and understanding of websites by 20%-40%*
  • Spoken & written translator - helps to bridge the multilingual communications gap by providing written and spoken translation in multiple languages
  • Text magnifier - enlarges and reads website content aloud, allowing partially sighted people to access even the smallest text online
  • MP3 generator - converts chosen web content into an audio file for the user to listen to later or share with a friend
  • Customisable options - adjustable settings are in-built to suit individual user needs and preferences
*Sources:  Comprehension and Understanding, Journal of Special Education Technology, Queens University

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