Compact Mini


The brilliant design of the New Optelec Compact Mini makes reading and writing simple without the use of a handle. The size and intuitively placed controls gives you freedom at your fingertips. Adjust the magnification, viewing modes and use the snapshot function quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, quick signatures are even easier. There is no handle to adjust - simply lift the Mini and sign.

The Optelec Compact Mini may be small in size, but does not make sacrifices in the area of exceptional functionality which Optelec is known for. A centralized camera magnifies text from 2X to 11X, and gives crisp, clear images when reading. As an added feature, the Mini has a collapsible reading stand for ultimate comfort. Simply prop up the reading stand and scroll the Mini over the reading material. No matter where you are - the Compact Mini is the perfect solution for reading and writing in any location!

The lightweight Mini is the perfect solution for the active, independent person on the go. The 3.5" screen, 2X to 11X magnification and viewing modes allows for ultimate functionality. Read the menu at your favorite restaurant, check a price label in the store or sign a check with ease. When not in use the Mini fits securely into a pocket or purse so you never have to be without your magnifier.