Flick is the first portable, immersive, one-camera system that provides the low vision user with a revolutionary, multi-function camera system that is suitable for home, school or office use. Flick goes far beyond the features you have come to expect from a portable camera system.

  • Flick is the first immersive camera system that works with touch screen technology. You can use Flick with a tablet, a touch screen computer or your computer`s mouse pad. The camera can be utilized with a laptop, desktop or any other sized LCD monitor.Flick is the first one-camera system that provides the user with interactive, selective OCR text-to-speech, magnification at distance and near and pre-loaded iZoom magnification and reader software
  • Flick is the first camera system that provides a powered near lens system for hands-free camera operation between distance and near - lens moves within 2 seconds!
  • Flick`s 80x camera magnification, contrast enhancement in both text and colour mode as well as the camera movements are all controlled using familiar on-screen gestures so settings can be optimized for best performance
  • Flick camera comes packed in a small laptop case and weighs less than 2kg (3.5 lbs). The high contrast connecting parts go together quickly and connect to your computer with a single USB connection
  • Flick's long-life, on-board battery does not draw power from your tablet or laptop, providing more effective device portability during the school or work day
  • Flick's easy capture software allows users to save images from the school or work day for easy retrieval at a later time
  • Flick has exceptional low light performance, such as lecture halls
  • Flick is both rugged and stable on the work surface

Never miss the action again while adjusting your camera settings - Flick returns you to your previous setting at either distance or near! Flick - it's all you need!