VarioUltra Braille Display & Notetaker


VarioUltra is a brand new braille device from BAUM Retec that will change the way you think about refreshable braille technology.

Available with either 20 or 40 braille cells, VarioUltra is quite possibly the most beautiful braille device on the planet.

Summary of Key Features

  • Attractive, high quality, brushed aluminum construction that is light, robust, and looks and feels great.
  • Refreshable braille cells that feel crisp, and almost paper like. It’s that good.
  • A whisper-quiet 8-button braille keyboard that is ergonomically designed for all-day use. It feels amazing to type quickly with.
  • WORLD EXCLUSIVE: VarioUltra is the only braille device that supports simultaneous connection with up to 5 devices, and it remains connected. For anyone with more than 1 device, this feature above all others will fast become one of your favorite things.
  • Split personality. In addition to being the most connectable braille device in the world, a quick flick of a switch and VarioUltra becomes a braille notetaker, with a suite of productivity apps to make life easier.
  • Compact, lightweight design will have you questioning why other devices weigh so much. The included high quality carry case and strap will help protect  your investment for years to come.

Features & Benefits in Detail

  • Tactile Nirvana. Simply put, the ergonomic design of VarioUltra is beyond anything else you have seen or heard about. From the beautiful brushed aluminum housing, to the incredibly quiet and responsive braille keyboard, to the crisp braille cells that feel almost paper-like, VarioUltra is an experience to be enjoyed every day. 
  • Connecting to Multiple Devices. With a USB port and 4 Bluetooth channels, conecting multiple devices to VarioUltra is easy. 
    • For USB: connect a micro USB to VarioUltra and the standard USB to your PC for use with a screen reader, and/or for use as an external drive. 
    • For Bluetooth: 
      • Step 1: In Notetaker mode, switch on Bluetooth and scan for devices within range.
      • Step 2: Scroll left or right through the list of found devices, and then scroll down to pair your chosen device.
      • Step 3: Once the pair command is sent to your device, enter the code 1111 and you’re done.
      • Step 4: Switch VarioUltra to Braille Display mode.
      • Step 5: A 2-button command is all that is needed to switch instantly between connected devices. 
      • In future, skip steps 1-3 because VarioUltra will automatically connected with trusted devices when they come within range.  
  • Refreshable Braille. BAUM braille technology is well known for offering a quality reading experience like no other. The pins are crisp to the touch, and feel as if the braille has been freshly embossed on quality paper. If you plan on reading a lot of braille, you need to feel the VarioUltra difference.
  • Buttons and Keys. VarioUltra features an 8-button braille keyboard that is located above the braille display and cursor routing buttons. The two thumb keys can be found below the braille display, and are located right about where your thumbs will naturally find themselves during typing. Additional buttons to the left and right of the braille display, as well as to the right and left of the thumb keys provide access to system functions and commands to help you interact with computers and mobile devices.
  • Navi-Stick. While navigation around a document or a menu can be achieved using buttons, the 5-way circular navi-stick button is conveniently located between the two space bars and makes for very fast navigation. Pressing down on the navi-stick has the same affect as pressing an enter key.
  • Productivity Apps. VarioUltra is just as happy working away from a computer or mobile device, as it is being connected to them. The suite of helpful and powerful productivity apps are sure to please, and include things such as an editor for reading and editing Word Doc and Docx files, a spreadsheet viewer for working with Excel files, a PDF viewer, a scientific calculator, a BRF reader, file management, and a variety of clock, alarm, and stopwatch apps. 
  • Internal Storage & USB External Drive. VarioUltra includes 16GB of internal storage. You can save or copy files to and from the device using a standard USB stick, or connect VarioUltra to a computer and treat it like an external drive. Copying files and folders to and from VarioUltra is then accomplished through the file management on your computer. 
  • Light and Compact. Once you meet VarioUltra, you’ll wonder why other devices have to be so heavy. Cell for cell, VarioUltra 20 is lighter than anything else. On average, VarioUltra 40 weighs 24% less than any 40 or even 32 cell braille device on the market. That’s a difference you will feel and appreciate, especially if you’re carrying the device around all day.


  • Dimensions and Weight
    • VarioUltra 20 measures 7.4 inches wide, by 3.5 inches deep, by 0.7 inches high. It weighs just 0.7 pounds. 
    • VarioUltra 40 measures 12.4 inches wide, by 3.5 inches deep, by 0.7 inches high. It weighs just 1.1 pounds. 
  • Device Operating System: Windows CE 6.0
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android
  • Connectivity: 1 USB connection and 4 Bluetooth connections
  • USB Ports:
    • USB 2.0 port for use with USB memory sticks
    • Micro USB for charging and for connection to a computer
  • Internal storage: 16GB
  • External storage: none provided, though you can use a standard USB stick, or connect VarioUltra to your computer as an external drive
  • Supported file formats: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, BRF, RTF, TXT
  • Battery life: 10 hours of continuous, connect use. 12 hours if using as a notetaker, unconnected.
  • Factory warranty: 2 years on VarioUltra; 6 months on the battery. 
  • Extended warranty: Annual maintenance contract available (takes effect after the factory warranty expires) and includes annual cleaning of braille display.
  • Supported Screen Readers: COBRA, JAWS, WindowEyes, NVDA, and VoiceOver

Introduction to VarioUltra YouTube Video